Cancer Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Cancer Zodiac Signs Features - Cancer Personality - Cancer Traits and Everything Else - Cancer Positive and Negative Traits

Cancer Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Cancer Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Cancer is a sign that carries feminine (yin) energy in the element of water, in negative polarity. The ruling mobile is the Moon. (Moon is the satellite of the Earth, but in Astrology, it is in the planetary class by definition) The symbol of the sign is a "Cancer" figure. It represents our breasts and stomach in our bodies.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac, and the Sun's entry into the star starts Summer in the Northern Hemisphere. By the way, the day the Sun enters the star is the longest day of the year. After that day, the days start to get shorter. The people of this sign are temperate, cute, but disappear in a short time, leave the taste on our palate, and are longed for, just like representing the season and cycle they started.

As in all water groups, we talk about feelings a lot in Cancer. However, unlike other water groups, "feeling" is the motto of Cancer. They talk about feeling even in their words. They act with feelings and are mostly infallible. The truth is, they really feel. They absorb the energy of the individual, the universe, and the environment like a sponge. For this reason, if there is a negative situation in the environment, the first Cancer signs are affected. You can never hide from Cancer when you are bored or upset.

Cancer Signs and Characteristics

Cancer signs, male or female, are like mothers. They seem to be born to defend and care for everyone. They are people who come to the office with medicine when someone coughs. Of course, they become very good mothers, fathers, and parents. They are very attached to their families.

The moods of Cancer signs can fluctuate. In fact, they are strong and determined people. They can easily practice their routines. Their mood changes are not because they are unbalanced, but because they pull out the fluctuating energy in the environment and take on that mood. They also have attitudes in their own right, who tend to think a little bit worse, to brood, who always want to keep themselves under defense and to stay alert until they feel ready.

Since Cancer signs are leading, they have the characteristics of going upright. It is not that easy to convince them. They are more emotional and moderate when they are at peace with themselves, and harder if they have a civil war.

They are people who choose to live their emotions in them. When you look at them from the outside, they look a little cold or calm. Since they cannot share anything with many people, they accumulate a lot of emotion. Ultimately, they explode. Only then can we notice how soft and tender places they have under their thick crust. They do not willingly hide their emotions. This behavior is their instinct. Being behind closed doors, being in the house, and being in a shell are their instincts, just like Cancer in the sign of the sign.

Cancer Love and Relationships

Members of this sign cannot be so political. Love is the primary emotion. They can be with their loved ones, they cannot handle people they don't like. They choose to stay away from them. The situation is the same in relationships. If there is love, there is a relationship. There is no logical relation even in their lexicon. Most of them are eager to start a family at a very early age. Most of them turn their enthusiasm into reality. They leave at an early age and become parents at an early age.

Although they need defense and protection and comfort zones, they have problems with authority. They don't want to be under anyone else. But in the meantime, they themselves can avoid taking too much responsibility. They can often put their own responsibilities under the guise of love and affection to people they trust. If there is nobody around, they can easily take the initiative.

Cancer has a very strong memory. They are not spiteful, but every detail is in their mind. They never forget their own memories. And the place where they put their cars.

They are generally sensitive people. Because the sign manages the stomach in our body, their first stomach is affected when they are sad or bored. They often complain of the stomach or abdominal pain. They can be capricious at times and overly sensitive from time to time.

They are people who are difficult to trust, need long examination processes, and always go around. However, once you gain their trust, they become quite altruistic, temperamental, gentle, and defensive.

Positive and Negative Traits of Cancer Signs

Main positive features; emotional, sensitive, maternal, and altruistic.

The main negative features; are capricious, touchy, and dependent.