Gemini Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Gemini Zodiac Signs Features - Gemini Personality - Gemini Traits and Everything Else - Gemini Positive and Negative Traits

Gemini Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Gemini Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Gemini is a sign that carries Masculine (Male-making) energy in the element of air, Positive polarity, Variable nature. The ruling mobile is Mercury, the symbol of mind and communication. The symbol of the sign is the twin brothers. It represents the nervous system, hands, shoulders, arms, and lungs in our body. Since this sign represents the area from our shoulders to our hands, people of this sign often speak by moving their hands and arms. When they try to say something, their greatest help is the hands they instinctively move. They may have childhood scars on their hands as they want to tackle a lot of things first.

As symbolized by the twin brothers in the archetype of the sign, the people of this sign suddenly like to contain more elements. Multiple ideas, multiple jobs, multiple thoughts, multiple relationships, etc. There is an erroneous opinion that they have double characters. They are not dual characters but very versatile. They keep weighing things in their heads as their minds continue to work after their words. It is for this reason that the day after the subject is closed, they defend the opposite of their ideas of the previous day. They thought again, lay on it.

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac. Like every sign, Gemini tries to make additions to the previous sign and serve the sign that comes after it. He can easily adapt to every changing situation as he wants to change the fixed state of Taurus, who takes firm steps before him, and to get used to changing conditions. Most Gemini signs are blindly attached to nothing. They do not have their own mascots or immutable auspicious keychains. Being unable to change, change, and stretch makes Gemini feel restricted. Since he wants to serve the Cancer sign that comes after him, he wants to experience every activity in his social life so that he can have a comfortable time in his house.

Gemini means; means intelligence as in every air sign. Members of this sign have more mental energies compared to other Zodiacs. The mind never stops and does not take a break. They always have a point to be calculated.

Gemini is there when it comes to communication in life, as many themes. For this reason, they are generally very talkative people. Sometimes being too talkative can tire their environment. If there is news that must be known, or if there is a random subject that is newsworthy, it learns about Gemini first and then passes it on to other people who must know. A typical Gemini doesn't end the day without reading or watching the news. Regardless of age, you will hardly find a Gemini who cannot use a phone, tablet, or internet.

They love gossip. They do not do it maliciously or to injure people or to talk about their shortcomings. They need to talk about everything. No argument scares their eyes. They have an inexhaustible speaking ability. These abilities do not just mean speaking. They also learn foreign languages ​​in a short time and can speak easily.

Gemini is the most curious sign of the Zodiac. He wants to listen, ask and learn. However, he also wants to be rested. They can put all kinds of attention-grabbing themes into their speech so that their words are heard. However, they are neutral. They don't feed prejudice. They respect all opinions, beliefs, opposing opinions. They are open to learning anything. They don't belittle anyone. They do not attack anyone with stinging or hurtful underbelly words.

Gemini Signs and Characteristics

In general, they are very cheerful, pleasant, and friendly people. If you smile at a Gemini sign, he will also smile at you without question. They are loved, people. It's hard not to like them. They have their own demon feathers. Their cute looks and demeanor make them young at any age. They don't show their age easily. For this reason, the members of this sign, which is immediately noticed by the opposite sex, are always under the mark. However, their relevance is often not very long-lasting. Because their interest in a random subject is not very long-lasting. Their attention is distracted, their interest is superficial. They learn up to a certain stage, if there is no subject left to learn, they get bored.

Gemini Love and Relationships

They tend to avoid relationships and marriage for a long time. They are romantically cool and emotionally lacking. They stumble when it comes to the heart, romance, and right brain, as the situation is always performed in the left brain and logic. They don't have time to wait for even this stumbling or glitch. They disappear before the issue is even discussed.

When this sign is under negative effects, it believes that it knows everything best and that it can climb the highest mountains. Instead of curiosity to learn, they may act like copy-paste, take-apply, imitate, and adopt what you like. When the desire to move becomes too frequent, it can turn into great indecision. While trying to make a decision, he is dragged from place to place and he thinks this is his own decision. If he gets stuck in a very corner, he may tend to make fun of his confusion.

Positive and Negative Traits of Gemini Signs

Main positive features; They are good-natured, friendly, and adaptable.

The main negative features; being restless, too changeable, and mocking.