Taurus Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Taurus Zodiac Signs Features -Taurus Personality - Taurus Traits and Everything Else -Taurus Positive and Negative Traits

Taurus Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Taurus Zodiac Signs Features and Personality

Taurus is a sign that carries Feminine (Woman-Eden) energy in the element of Earth, Negative polarity, Fixed in nature. The ruling pedestrian is Venus. The symbol of the zodiac sign is a "Taurus" figure. It represents the throat, neck, neck, and back of the brain in our body. The people of this sign are durable just like the bull in its symbol. Their endurance comes not from their psychological capacities, but their unyielding will. Patience, determination, and reliability are the nature of the members of this sign.

Only very few people can recognize the real person in a Taurus sign. Although it seems as if it is easy to grasp from the outside, a size as much as the Bulls own is hidden in their roots. It actually takes a lot of time to get to know them. They can be less verbal, less ostentatious, and less egoistic than other signs. Their calm dominance attracts people to them. It is impossible to resist them with the contribution of their rulers Venus. However, they do not make much effort, this situation itself will be due to the charm of Venus.

Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac. He wants to strengthen the nature initiated by the Aries who came before him. Taurus seeks to embody. Bull's energy is cool and persistent. The people of this sign bring fertility and abundance to their environment, just as the land becomes fertile and fertile, just like the period created by the sign-in nature in the season. Taurus is very successful in the material world and its applications because it is in the element of Earth, and since it is a fixed sign, it is capable of defending the substance in its possession and strengthening it. The words to describe themselves are "I protect", "I defend". They really do. They know very well the value of everything they have. Better still, knowing not only what they have, but also what they will need in the future, they can even defend their future needs.

Taurus Zodiac Characteristics

Taurus is the most physical sign of all signs. He wants to explore the whole world, especially the material world, with his five senses. Few signs are as in tune with the earth and nature as Taurus. If you examine it well, you can see how complete this sign is with nature. For this reason, most Taurus signs hear well, have good taste, can think of all the surfaces they touch with their hands with their eyes closed, and they can easily see far distances unless they hurt their chart.

Because of the developed sense of taste, Taurus signs are fond of eating. They can have a snack almost every hour of the day. It is this zodiac sign who puts kinds of honey, cream, strawberries, and even champagne for breakfast at breakfast. This sign, who has a passion for everything that exists in the physical world, is also very good with money, which is the most important part of the material world. All Bulls want to be rich and somehow attract matter to them. In Traditional Astrology, Taurus is the sign of Money and this sign is born from birth, instinctively knowing how to seize the money.

Unless there is a very compelling influence from the outside, this sign stands still and rejects movement. Lazing in soft seats and enjoying the comfort is a full Bullish behavior. Life is usually slow. They are slow but take firm steps forward in everything. They never quit any job. They do not leave anyone prone. As long as they decide. When they make a decision, they never give up. Nor do they expect applause or praise when they achieve their goals. Being appreciated, of course, they like it as much as everyone else, but even if they do not get the expected reaction, they continue on their way. Its unwavering stability is the cornerstone of this sign.

Another reason bulls are loved is that they are very good listeners. They really listen. They observe the environment well. They don't miss the smallest detail. You have to be careful when talking to a Taurus, it will save you. If you share contrary information in your next conversation, it will definitely remind you of your old discourse.

This sign, whose every action is peaceful, gets very angry. Such sudden shine and so on. However, once you succeed in breaking that tranquility, you must immediately get away from this sign. Whatever the relationship your matador is to the Bull who sees red, yours will be. They can become both wild and emotional in an instant.

Taurus people can do any profession that they can play with money. No matter what profession they pursue, they want to be sure that they will eventually earn their money. Taurus signs enjoy the constant cash flow. By the way, Taurus signs love music. There may be many Taurus singers with strong Mercury too.

Taurus Love and Relationships
Taurus is a very suitable sign for a relationship, especially a long relationship. Even if the woman and the man behave differently, they are loyal to the people they love by participating. Unfortunately, just like any other material in the material world, they want to have their loved ones. As long as his comfort, peace, and monetary power are not broken Taurus does not spoil his relationship.

Positive and Negative Traits of Taurus Zodiac

Main positive features; They are calm, determined, and confident.

Main negative features; fixed minded, prejudiced, and closed to change.